Philipe’s Turkey Club Panini Review

Philipe’s Turkey Club Panini is available in Walgreens frozen food section for $2.99 each or two for $5.00. This frozen sandwich product is recommended to be cooked in the microwave. For a busy Mom of two with babysitting responsibilities, homework for four to get through and a PTA meeting to go to, it appears to be a quick and easy dinner alternative. Is the cheap price and convenience worth it? Read on to find out.

Philipe’s Turkey Club Panini comes in a five point six ounce box. The outer packaging becomes the cooking device in the microwave. After removing the strip along the edge of the carton and folding back the carton opening, the lid gets folded over the remainder of the box. The sandwich gets removed from the clear plastic wrapper and placed upon the box. The two halves of the Philipe’s Turkey Club Panini must be placed side by side with the bread side down. After placing in the center of the microwave oven, the recommended cooking time is two minutes and forty five seconds to three minutes. Definitely cook your Philipe’s Turkey Club Panini for three minutes to three minutes and thirty seconds. After only setting the microwave timer for two minutes and forty five seconds, half of the panini sandwich was still uncooked. Philipe’s Turkey Club Panini must be allowed to cool down momentarily after removing from the microwave.

After allowing the Philipe’s Turkey Club Panini to cool down, you can then put the sandwich together and prepare to eat. The taste of the Philipe’s Turkey Club Panini is adequate. Nothing special, nothing unpleasant. The box claims that this is a gourmet sandwich. Gourmet is definitely stretching it a bit. The quality of the sandwich is exactly what you would expect of a $2.50 microwave sandwich. Nothing unpalatable, nothing outstanding. Philipe’s Turkey Club Panini is just somewhat bland. There is a slight turkey and cheese flavor and the bread does crisp up nicely in the microwave. This product is simply average in taste.

Philipe’s Turkey Club Panini contains three hundred and seventy calories per serving. The product contains a total of fourteen grams of fat and one thousand and fifty milligrams of sodium. That is absolutely an extraordinary amount of sodium and constitutes forty four percent of the daily recommended amount of sodium. Philipe’s Turkey Club Panini also provides two grams of dietary fiber, ten percent of Calcium and fifteen percent of Iron. Nineteen grams of Protein is also consumed in the Philipe’s Turkey Club Panini.

Philipe’s Turkey Club Panini is an average tasting convenience food that is cheap and satisfying. I was definitely full after consuming this product. The bread crisped nicely in the microwave which was absolutely a plus. Truth be told, the bread was the tastiest part of the sandwich. For a quick, cheap and filling meal, I would purchase this product again. Based on the sodium content and the average taste, I would definitely not make this product a regular part of my diet. I would rate Philipe’s Turkey Club Panini two out of five stars.

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